A rainy day & a busted shoe

19 Sep 2018 – Gardens By The Bay & Marina Barrage


It started to drizzle when Cindy and I arrived at Gardens By The Bay (Tanjong Rhu side). To make things worse, I slipped and my right shoe gave way – the straps came off the sides. I decided to seek help from the security guards at the Gardens. They were really helpful and gave me some tape which I used to bind the top part of my shoe to my foot so it wouldn’t slip off. It actually worked really well and I had no problems walking at all!

But by the time we reached the bridge to cross over to Marina Barrage, a full-blown thunderstorm had developed, and the speakers on the bridge were sounding the lightning alert. We had no choice but to continue walking because there was no shelter nearby! I was soooooo afraid of getting struck because we were on top of open water with no other tall structures around!

Luckily we made it to Marina Barrage without dying. We had to wait there for an hour with nothing to do before we could finally walk back. And yes, when I got home I threw the pair of shoes away.

Duration: ~1 hr


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