Feeding the mosquitoes at Chestnut Nature Park

24 Sep 2018 – Chestnut Nature Park


Hiked pretty much the entire park with Cindy. We could hear the loud blare of traffic at some parts as it’s right next to the BKE. Saw some wild boars and at least 20 squirrels. The highlight of the trip for me was spotting a beautiful gold spider (~8mm long) that glittered in the sunlight. The mosquitoes were ferocious and unabating, biting my arms even as I walked! The only place we could escape them was right at the top of the observation tower. Chestnut connects to Zhenghua Nature Park, which we also walked a bit of but didn’t find that interesting. After I get my bike fixed, I’ll come back to Chestnut and try the mountain bike trail.
Duration: ~2 hr 15 min 


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