Lugworms on Pasir Ris Beach

5 Oct 2018 – Sungei Api Api & Pasir Ris Beach


Walked along Sungei Api Api to Pasir Ris Beach and back. The weather was perfect. Aside from fumes from people’s barbecues and the occasional smoker, the air quality was good. There was a soothing, gentle breeze blowing from the east. I could smell the trees and shrubs quite well.

Along the beach I came across some Malay fishermen digging for bait. Found out those were lugworms. They function a lot like earthworms, except in a marine environment. They’re perfectly harmless to humans and are a very important part of the ecosystem, helping to break down organic matter (including detritus), aerate the sand, and provide food for other creatures.

Duration: ~1 hr 30 min


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