Huge owls spotted at Pasir Ris Park

1 Oct 2018 – Pasir Ris Park


Cycled (using a Mobike) within Pasir Ris Park. Heard something making loud “woo” noises up in one of the trees. It turned out to be several owls. A group of photographers were already taking pictures of them with their gigantic telephoto lens. The owls were HUGE. Even bigger than any of the eagles I’d ever seen here. Didn’t know we had such big ones here in Singapore. This being near the coast, I wonder if they are migratory? My phone cam couldn’t capture the owls as they were too high up, so instead I took photos of one of the photographer’s snaps, which he gladly showed me. Pasir Ris Park is full of birds, but mostly you just hear and not see them.
Duration: ~1 hr 15 min